Friday, December 31, 2010

Clean Family Movies Will Help Improve Your Family

Where have all the good clean family movies gone? Movies like "Wild Stallion" and "Where the Red Fern Grows". Some may say that they are the thing of the past and I tend to lean that way also. Regardless, a good clean family movie can be hard to find these days.

It seems that even PG-13 moves these days are filled with sex, violence and the nasty four letter words. I have noticed that even the PG rated movies are falling into the uncertain category. I don't know about you but I don't like hearing those foul four letter words and I surely don't want my children hearing it. Perhaps people don't care about the clean family movies anymore. I don't believe that is true! I believe that there are plenty of people who care about what their children watch and hear.

Our children can tell the difference between a good clean family movie and one that isn't appropriate. Have you noticed with your children that they will watch a movie like Wild Stallion over and over again just because they can relate better with it. They also feel good after watching a clean family movie. It's amazing but I see this kind of behavior in my children all the time. Children like the good clean family movies.

Then there are the times when we sit down as a family to watch a nice movie. One that we think is going to be a clean family movie. But sure enough, about midway through the movie out comes that dark four letter word that children should not be exposed to! For me, this ruins the whole movie no matter how good it has been to that point – And some of them are pretty good!

I can tell the difference in the mood of my family and spirit thy have towards each other after watching a clean family movie compared to watching a movie with all the sex, violence and swearing. As a parent I feel better when my family is happy and treating each other with respect and compassion.

What makes a movie a clean family movie? Call me old fashion but for me a good clean family movie absolutely has no sex, no mention of sex, and doesn't leave the act of sex to your imagination. A clean family movie has absolutely zero foul swear words and there is no killing other people. These are my three Golden Rules to a good clean family movie. No sex, no killing other people, and no foul four letter words.

A short list of some excellent clean family movies that I have enjoyed with my family is:

Clean family movies help our families stay strong, happy, and intact. Immoral movies only tear down and corrupt families. Families are the life blood of our communities, towns, cities, countries, and nations. Our families are sacred and therefore I believe that we should choose only the best clean family movies for the success of our families.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Biographies of Wild Stallion - Discover The Legend

It is my pleasure to have the friendship of Bryce Fillmore the director of Wild Stallion- Discover The Legend. Bryce understands the importance of strong moral families and the movies he produces show it. Bryce is a true friend, a wonderful person and a great movie director.

Wild Stallion - Discover The Legend has proven to be a very popular and loved movie about two young girls who work at saving a wild mustang herd. I would like to share some personal insight from the director of the Wild Stallion - Discover The Legend, Bryce Fillmore.

I asked Bryce to re-sight some of his personal moments as the movie was being produced. Bryce says,
Wild Stallion - Discover The Legend was filmed in Sanpete County near Mt. Pleasant and Fairview in Utah. It was a very enjoyable shoot that took place over a 3 week period and all the actors were wonderful to work with. I believe that the most fun was had when we were filming high up in the mountains and all of us were fortunate to work in the beautiful scenery for several days with deer and other creatures being spotted on a regular basis.
Bryce was also kind enough to give me some of the actor and actresses biographies that I would like to share.

“Wild Stallion” is directed by Craig Clyde who is a seasoned director. His latest directorial features include “Derby Stallion” with Zach Efron, “Family Holiday” with Dave Coulier and Alexa Fischer, and “Miracle Dogs” with Josh Hutcherson, Rue McClanahan and Kate Jackson. Mr. Clyde is credited with giving Zach Efron his first starring movie role.

“Wild Stallion” producer Bryce Fillmore has been making movies for the past 30 years. His latest productions include “Beau Jest” with Lainie Kazan and Seymour Cassell, “Miracle Dogs” with Josh Hutcherson, Rue McClanahan and Kate Jackson, and “Singles 2nd Ward” starring Kirby Heybourne and Will Swenson.


Miranda Cosgrove is a young talent best known for her starring roles in the television series “iCarly” and “Drake and Josh”. She is also well known for her performances in the feature films “School of Rock” and "Yours, Mine and Ours". Miranda’s -Q rating- is in the low 200’s, a great accomplishment at her young age. Recently, according to The Hollywood Reporter, “iCarly” drew in 6.5 million viewers, helping it score as the most watched basic cable show of the week. Miranda has been nominated for the Young Artist Award in 2004, 2006, 2007, and 2008. She was also nominated for the MTV award for “School of Rock”.

Connie Sellecca is an American beauty that began her career in modeling and transitioned into successful television roles, including “The Greatest American Hero” and her most successful series, “Hotel” which received six Golden Globe nominations.

Fred Ward has well over 70 appearances under his belt. He is a marvelous character actor with intense eyes, a sly grin and somewhat grizzled appearance. Some of his most noteworthy performances are “Escape from Alcatraz”, “Sweet Home Alabama”, “Uncommon Valor”, “Remo Williams” and the sci-fi hit “Tremors”.

Robert Wagner has had a long storied career in both feature films and in television. His best known performances include television series roles in “It Takes a Thief”, “Switch” “Hart to Hart” and many motion picture roles including, “The Longest Day” and spy spoof “Austin Powers”.

Paul Sorvino is truly a veteran talent, having performed in nearly 50 movies in just the last decade alone. Some his highlight films include “Goodfellas”, “Nixon”, “The Cooler” and “Boogie Woogie”. Paul is looking to do his next 50 movies before he retires.

Danielle Chuchran has a veteran’s resume even at her tender age. She has been in many films and tv episodes including: “Cat in the Hat”, “ER”, “The Bold and the Beautiful”, “Without a Trace”, “Crossing Jordon” and many more. Dani was nominated in 2005 for the Young Artist Award and won the 2008 Young Artist Award for her performance in “Saving Sarah Cain”.

KC Clyde is an actor on the verge of stardom, with over 30 film and television credits including, “I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer”, “Derby Stallion”, “Miracle Dogs”, “Everwood”, “Veronica Mars”, “ER” and is in 3 new films debuting in 2009.

Corbin Allred has been making movies since he was a teenager. His numerous motion pictures and tv rolls include, “Bones”, “CSI: Miami”, “7th Heaven”, Navy NCIS”, “ER”, Monk”, “JAG” and “Robin Hood: Men in Tights”.

Gib Gerard is the son of veteran actors Gil Gerard and Connie Sellecca. Although Gil is a newcomer with only a few film credits he delivers a wonderful lighthearted performance in “Wild Stallion” and is carefully considering his future in the film business.

Michael Lawson is also an up and coming talent. His credits include, “American Pie: Presents Band Camp”, “Revenge of the Mummy”, “Crossing Jordan”, “General Hospital” and “CSI” and many others too numerous to mention. Michael has aspirations to also produce and direct motion pictures.

All horses used in the filming of “Wild Stallion” were owned and trained by Lamont Christensen. No horses were harmed in any way during the making of this film.

The American mustang, has been both a tangible reality to some and a romantic myth to others. They are beautiful, natural… and to many mysterious creatures roaming the western United States. “Wild Stallion” is dedicated to those living symbols of the American West and their pioneer spirit.

Director & Producer Mini Biographies

Director Craig Clyde is a seasoned director. His latest directorial features include “Derby Stallion” with Zach Efron, “Family Holiday” with Dave Coulier and Alexa Fischer “Miracle Dog’s” with Josh Hutcherson, Rue McClanahan and Kate Jackson.

Producer Bryce Fillmore has been making movies for the past 30 years. His latest productions include “Beau Jest” with Lainie Kazan and Seymour Cassell, “Miracle Dog’s” with Josh Hutcherson, Rue McClanahan and Kate Jackson and “Singles 2nd Ward” starring Kirby Heybourne and Will Swenson.

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Wild Stallion - Discover The Legend

There were those who thought the rare and beautiful wild stallion might have been sired by a famous race horse lost years earlier when a locomotive derailed in the Nevada mountains. Others whispered that it was a ghost horse stealing mares away in the night. But most didn t believe in the stallion at all. To them it was just a myth. A figment of over-stimulated western imaginations. But for Hannah Mills (MIRANDA COSGROVE) and C.J. Adams (DANIELLE CHUCHRAN) the myth would become as real as the wild mountain range the wraith stallion called home.

"Wild Stallion" is a modern day adventure about two girls whose love for all wild creatures is tested just as their budding friendship will be. Hannah and her father Frank (FRED WARD) arrive at Mustang Matty Steadman s (CONNIE SELLECCA) Bear Mountain Ranch, a spread which runs parallel to the Utah Nevada border.

Hannah, we learn, has come west from Cleveland to photograph the famous wild horses found on Matty s ranch. C.J. is from the neighboring ranch. Although C.J. is put off by Mattie s request to babysit Hannah - as she calls it - she reluctantly agrees to show her around. Turns out to be one of the best decisions of her young life as the two girls become instant friends.

We discover, through the girls, the wild horses are disappearing from the range at an alarming rate. A wealthy mysterious stranger, Novak (ROBERT WAGNER), appears to be the instigator of a sinister plot to steal all the mountain mustangs. But while taking photographs of the wild herd one afternoon, the two girls - quite by accident - happen upon the mysterious "Wild Stallion! He does exist!

The girls rush home to tell Matty and her ranch hands the Brody brothers, Dallas (K.C. CLYDE) and Ty (GIB GERARD), about their discovery. Matty cautions all of them not to tell anyone about the black stallion because unscrupulous mustangers would want the rare stallion and would stop at nothing to get him.

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